About Us

The Futon Place Owners

The story of The Futon Place started in October 1992 when Dennis Dragon and Steve Gigliotti started selling futons in the Orlando area. That business quickly escalated to having 5 locations across Florida, and the offering of more products like bunk beds and murphy beds. Surviving 2 global economic crisis, natural disasters and a pandemic, they decided to retire and sell their last precious store location to a hopeful family with dreams and ambitions. They felt it was important to pass on the business to warm-hearted people that would put as much love and dedication to their company from then on. 

That is when we decided to hop on board in 2021 and in spite of all COVID-related difficulties, believed we could take the business to the next level, since the place basically just needed digital marketing efforts that we have a lot of experience in. Many things happened since then that was out of our hands. Some of the manufacturers that had been serving The Futon Place since 1992 started to close their businesses because of COVID-related problems, and the strip mall that the business was in got sold and will be transformed into a set of restaurants serving the area. That did not stop us from wanting to keep connected to our customers and sell exclusively online.

Now, with God by our side, lots of hopes and dreams, we hope to serve you and your family through our new website for a really long time! 

De La Garza Family